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All bookings include our iPad-controlled Aputure NOVA P300c RGB cyclorama wall lights, Aputure LS 300x key light, Aputure LS 600x key light, key light wheel stands, two C-stands, six sand bags, and access to the lobby and office areas. Unlimited water, soft drinks, coffee, and Wi-Fi included.



2-4hrs - $125/hr

5-7hrs - $110/hr

8+hrs -$100/hr


Weekend Rate (Fri-Sun)


A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking. The remaining payment is due 24 hours prior to your booked date.




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Massive 41' Cyc Wall

Pro Aputure Lighting

Productive Workspace

Full RGB Color Lights



41-Foot Cyclorama Wall

Our large 41' Cyclorama or "cyc" wall provides enough space to work with multiple subjects for a variety of video and photo productions.

*Model in photo is 6'2" and positioned in the center of wall.

"Ready-to-Roll" Aputure Pro Lighting

Aputure Lighting is taking over the industry with their powerful LED light fixtures with seamless app-controlled color settings, making your production that much more dynamic.

Bookings come with three ceiling-mounted Aputure Nova P300c RGBW LED, one Aputure LS 300x key light, and one Aputure LS 600X key light. Diffusers Included.

Full RGBW Color Spectrum

Our lighting fixtures have the ability to light up the cyc wall with a wide variety of color combinations to get your scene looking just as you intended it to.

Lights are app-controlled through our studio iPad included in your production booking.

Off The Grid


Here at OTG, we believe in providing options to creatives that we didn't have in the early years of our artistic journeys. Off The Grid studios brings high-end production at affordable rates. Whether you're a local director, or a corporate marketing director, Off The Grid provides an intense setup for your creative productions. Book your slot today.

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